Chocolate water bath recipe. How to melt chocolate in the microwave for the cake

  1. How to melt chocolate at home
  2. Ways to melt chocolate so that it is liquid
  3. Liquid chocolate in a water bath
  4. Microwave chocolate heating
  5. Preparatory activities
  6. The main methods of melting

Chocolate is one of the important components in the preparation of various desserts. However, any housewife knows that attempts to obtain this product at home invariably end in failure. Therefore, if there is a need to make chocolate icing for a cake or cakes, then very few people risk using cocoa for this purpose. It is much easier and faster to melt a chocolate bar on the fire, which after solidification forms a solid crust on the surface of any dessert, even when it comes to fresh fruit . However, in this simple, at first glance, process has its own nuances. If you drown chocolate with a violation of technology, then the end result will be disappointing, since the product may not only lose its ability to solidify, but also lose its taste. Therefore, this procedure should be carried out very carefully, making sure that the chocolate does not overheat and that no water gets into it.

How to melt chocolate at home

To begin with, the chocolate bar must be ground into powder, which can be done with a regular grater. If it is not at hand, it is enough to use a sharp knife with which you need to cut the tile. The smaller the resulting chocolate flakes. The faster they melt. To heat chocolate on an open fire is strictly contraindicated . It is best done on steam bath , for which it is necessary to take a sufficiently capacious and deep dish, pour water into it, bring to a boil, and then put a container of grated chocolate inside. This should be done in such a way that the water does not get on the chips, otherwise the melted chocolate will never freeze again, and you simply spoil the dessert.

As a rule, a standard chocolate bar on a steam bath is heated for 5-7 minutes . If you overdo the chocolate, it will not only finish, but it will also burn, having lost its taste and aroma. However, many people make the mistake of believing that you need to drown chocolate for a long time. This is explained by the fact that the chip from above can retain its original appearance for both an hour and two hours, and the bottom will melt for a long time. Therefore, the chocolate must be constantly stirred so that it is uniformly subjected to heat treatment. By the way, black chocolate begins to melt at a temperature of + 55-60 degrees, and white turns into a liquid state already at +45 degrees. After receiving a homogeneous mass, the dishes with chocolate should be removed from the plates and immediately use its contents. If the chocolate is melted correctly, then after 20-25 minutes it will harden again.

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Photo Gallery: How to melt chocolate at home

Do not think that making liquid chocolate at home with your own hands is very difficult. Practical housewives found several options for its preparation. The product can be melted using one of several methods. With the help of the resulting glaze, you can decorate the pudding, cakes or cake. All the proposed recipes - on the stove, in the microwave or on the water bath - are attractive because they do not take much time and are not very complex. The main thing is to know how many minutes to keep the sweetness warm, and systematically stir it so that it does not burn and form into unpleasant lumps.

Ways to melt chocolate so that it is liquid

The hostesses found some wonderful, simple and quite quick ways to melt chocolate at home. Repeat these interesting methods Relying on the proposed photos and videos is not difficult.

Liquid chocolate in a water bath

The easiest way to get liquid chocolate in a water bath. This method is very easy, but it requires compliance with a number of conditions. It is worth knowing that for heating it is best to take a “pure” product: without nuts, marmalade, cookies or raisins. The composition of chocolate should be minimal. It is also worth knowing that dyes, flavors, preservatives and other additives worsen the taste of the glaze. In addition, it must be remembered that it is best to melt a delicacy with a high content of cocoa butter.

On a water bath, black chocolate bars melt remarkably, but the same procedure with porous sweetness cannot be done. The whole thing is that it is not intended for decorating cakes and other confectionery products.

On a note! The ideal solution is a couverture and dessert variety. They are well heated, have an optimal viscosity and then solidify well.

They are well heated, have an optimal viscosity and then solidify well

Note! To prepare the composition of the optimal level of viscosity, the upper container does not need to be closed with a lid. But you should definitely make sure that no water splashes get into the chocolate mass.

It remains only to remove the container from the stove and use it for its intended purpose.

Microwave chocolate heating

There is another interesting and fairly simple way to get liquid chocolate. This method, which was found practical hostess, great for creating a glaze on the cake or homemade ice cream. The appeal of this approach is the combination of speed, simplicity and no need to stand at the stove. Microwave is used to melt tiles.

Microwave is used to melt tiles

On a note! Melt the sweetness properly this way is pretty easy. The main thing is to know that you should not overheat it. This will lead to excessive dessert density and the formation of unnecessary bitterness.

Chocolate is a unique delicacy that can not only be eaten, but also actively used in cooking. Often it is used to decorate desserts, based on it they prepare chocolate fudge, icing, which turns out to be extremely tasty and beautiful. Many hostesses are afraid to cook such icing for cakes and pastries, as they consider this process too time consuming, difficult. Such an opinion is erroneous, outdated, as it is easier to melt chocolate. Want to make a cake and chocolate icing to cover it? Then you need good and high-quality chocolate, do not try to save. Such chocolate as confectionery is much easier to melt, however, the dessert delicacy has better taste.

Preparatory activities

Many housewives are interested in the question of how to properly melt chocolate to decorate confectionery, especially homemade cakes. Before melting the product on the steam bath, in a microwave oven, it should be carefully prepared for this type of heat treatment.

If you don’t know how to melt chocolate for a cake, stick to the tips provided. An hour before using the treat, remove it from the fridge. Preparation is carried out gradually, because sudden changes in temperature destroy the structure of cocoa butter. That is why, before you melt the product, leave it at room temperature . Chocolate bar finely chopped or grated. For the procedure, use a saucepan or a pot with thick walls, a bottom, it should be placed chopped chocolate.

Tip! Lubricate the bottom with a thin layer before placing the product in the pan. vegetable oil . It is important that it be deodorized and odorless. To make the mass beautiful, smooth and uniform, do not allow water to enter the pan. Do not cover the saucepan with a lid, as condensation will penetrate inside, which will ruin the icing.

It is forbidden to boil the chocolate mass, otherwise the decoration for the cake will not work. It should be remembered that different chocolate has a certain melting point:

  • Milk - 45-50 degrees;
  • white chocolate - about 45 degrees;
  • dark chocolate - at least 55 degrees.

Melted chocolate can be safely used for decorating buns, muffins and cakes, pies and cakes, cookies. Based on it, you can make delicious homemade chocolate paste by adding a bit of chopped nuts.

The main methods of melting

Melted chocolate has a certain structure, color, texture. To do everything right, you need to use the right method and follow its technology.

Oven. You can even prepare icing to decorate desserts using an ordinary oven, keeping to a specific temperature, namely, not more than 65 degrees. Chocolate crumb is placed in a thick-walled stewpan and sent to the oven. Do not forget to occasionally stir the contents with a wooden spatula. Stirring should be stopped after consistency has taken on a homogeneous structure. In the oven you can even make steam bath . To this end, water is poured into the saucepan, heated to about sixty degrees, a container with chopped chocolate products should be placed into it and put into the oven for fifteen minutes.

Steam bath. This method is considered the most effective and simple, which allows you to prepare a delicious melted chocolate to decorate cakes and other desserts. To do this you need two pots of different volumes. A container with a large volume fills with water, the second should be placed chopped chocolate.

A container with a large volume fills with water, the second should be placed chopped chocolate

A pot of water is sent to the stove, the fire should be minimal, it is placed in a container with chocolate chips. If there is too much water, you can drain it. An important condition, it is forbidden to pan in contact with the bottom of boiling water. Do not forget to stir sometimes; a silicone wooden paddle is great for this.

To chocolate glaze for decoration it turned out more liquid, add butter to the finished mass, but not a big slice. This ingredient must be fresh, high-quality, and most importantly - natural. Do not use the spread, as it contains palm oil, which in turn is harmful to health, and also significantly spoils the taste and aroma of delicacy.

Thus, following the suggested tips, you will be able to melt a chocolate product qualitatively, quickly and without hassle. It is important to remember that if you do not add cream or butter, the icing will harden for a very long time.

When cooking pastry often required. There are a number of rules, the observance of which will allow you to melt this delicacy so that it turns out gentle, uniform in consistency.

How to melt chocolate

The main recommendation is: you cannot overheat the chocolate. Otherwise, it will be lumpy and thick, so the icing of it just will not work. The optimum melting point of bitter chocolate is 50-55 degrees, white and dairy - 45 degrees. Accordingly, overheat white and milk chocolate a bit easier than bitter.

It is desirable that the heating was uniform, but this is very difficult to achieve. Therefore, when you heat a chocolate treat, you should constantly stir it, thus avoiding the appearance of lumps.

For high-quality melting it is worth cutting the chocolate into small pieces, you can even rub it on the grater. Naturally, if you try to melt a whole bar of chocolate or just large pieces, then such an attempt will be unsuccessful.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to allow ingress of water (condensate, steam) into chocolate, because it will lose its taste and properties. To this end, you need to make sure that all used utensils and accessories (work surfaces, pots, spoons, etc.) are completely dry.

There is a little trick, which will slightly ease the process of melting chocolate: you can not melt all the chocolate delicacy to the last bite. Due to the fact that the unmelted pieces will be surrounded by a warm chocolate mass, they will melt on their own within a few minutes. Similarly, you can do if the chocolate mass is required to add butter or cream. Heated cream or melted butter contribute to the heating and melting of the remaining ones.

How to melt a chocolate bar if you need to get high-quality liquid frosting? To do this, when it is heated, be sure to add a little liquid (about 1 tablespoon per 30-50 grams of chocolate). When using dark chocolate, the volume of liquid should be increased. It is recommended to add only warm liquid as when adding cold water the likelihood of solidification increases dramatically. Liquid can be mixed with chocolate manually or with a blender, food processor, and at low speeds. Instead of water, you can use cream or butter (cream must be hot, and butter - melted).

How to melt chocolate in a water bath

To do this, the chocolate is broken into small pieces or rubbed on a grater and placed in a dry and clean bowl, which is then placed on a pan with hot water. A prerequisite - the bottom of the bowl should not touch the water. It should be melted over low heat, stirring constantly, preventing overheating of the mass. Care must be taken to ensure that steam does not enter the bowl. If the melted mass is used later, it can be left in a bowl in a water bath.

How to heat chocolate in the microwave

As a rule, in a microwave oven chocolate is not melted, as it is very difficult to keep track of the uniformity of its heating. But the result can be quite good, if you observe the following rules. For heating, the minimum power is set (for a 100-gram tile it will take about 3 minutes to heat). First you need to mix in a minute, then every 30 seconds.

Want to make a cake and chocolate icing to cover it?
How to melt a chocolate bar if you need to get high-quality liquid frosting?

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