How to make a clay pot. Clay pot On the merits and demerits.

  1. Myths about "harm" and the truth about the benefits
  2. Dishes in clay pots and their features
  3. Safety Instructions for Handling Earthenware
  4. How to make a clay pot
  5. The advantages of clay pots for flowers
  6. Where to buy cheap in Moscow?

There was a time when not every store of dishes included the assortment of such goods as clay pots for stewing and baking, although the history of this kitchen utensil dates back thousands of years. Even in ancient times, people noticed that ceramic tableware very carefully preserves the natural taste of products, even during heat treatment. Invented for use in stone ovens, it perfectly adapted to modern microwaves and ovens. Women's online magazine " Beautiful Half »Talks about how to handle clay pots, and what dishes they can cook.

What, in the first place, you need to pay attention when buying large or small pots of clay, intended for culinary affairs, and not for indoor flowers? By the way, I deviate a little from the topic, but I just remembered that capricious indoor plant Phalaenopsis yellow also prefers clay to all pots in the world. So, clay cooking pots are glazed (that is, covered with glaze) and unglazed. What follows from this?

Myths about "harm" and the truth about the benefits

Until now, there is a myth that a glossy coating on the inside of the pots is harmful to health. It is based on the fact that supposedly the composition of the glaze includes toxic substances. In fact, this information is morally obsolete 50-60 years ago. Today, manufacturers of ceramic products use a completely new, improved technology for the preparation of the glaze. So, for example, Russian ceramists put on their products the same food glaze, which is used to process the external and internal surfaces of traditional enameled metal dishes.

If you cook the dish in an unglazed pot, then, no matter how carefully you wash it afterwards, there will be pieces of food in the clay pores. Sooner or later they begin to rot and release toxic substances. So the coating of ceramic dishes with a layer of glaze is not a luxury, but a necessity dictated by concern for the health of consumers. Glaze is similar to a thin layer of glass, and we know that glass by ecological criteria is a completely safe and clean material.

Glaze is similar to a thin layer of glass, and we know that glass by ecological criteria is a completely safe and clean material

Dishes in clay pots and their features

In order to cook delicious and healthy dishes in clay pots, you do not need to be the chef of a high-end restaurant. Ceramic dishes have a high heat capacity and, conversely, low thermal conductivity. The heat treatment that dishes in clay pots undergo is unique - it is not cooking and not stewing in the traditional way. It can be said that the products languish in the ceramic "space", and at the same time they contain a maximum of vitamins and nutrients.

Anyone who loves diets can cook their own pottery. For example, a pot will be an excellent find for those who have an autumn diet on their agenda that excludes almost all fats. Stew vegetables in pots, you can without adding fat, and still get tasty. The same can be said about meat.

Cooks, and with them gourmets often argue about how much water should be added to pots. Ideally, it should not be there at all, since both vegetables and meat usually produce their own juice and they reach it. But to calm the conscience, it is still possible to add some water: the main thing is that its volume does not exceed 1/3 of the volume of all other products.

Conveniently, the dishes in the pots in the process of their preparation do not need to be mixed, there will not burn anything.

Conveniently, the dishes in the pots in the process of their preparation do not need to be mixed, there will not burn anything

Safety Instructions for Handling Earthenware

Ceramic dishes - a rather delicate thing. Do you want the newly purchased pots to serve you as long as possible? Then do not be lazy to properly care for them.

Ceramics, especially unglazed, are guaranteed to absorb all odors. Therefore it is better that for certain species dishes you had "their" pots. For example, if you start cooking both fish and chicken in the same pottery, the dishes will get incomprehensible and unpleasant smell . In general, you understood me: flies - separately, cutlets - separately.

In general, you understood me: flies - separately, cutlets - separately

When you bring the pots from the store, immediately put them in a large basin and fill cold water so that it covers them completely. Let them lie down for an hour, then they can be removed and dried. Before each cooking, the pottery is simply filled to the top with cold water for fifteen minutes.

After cooking, it is undesirable to wash ceramic pots with traditional dishwashing gels, even if they have become very greasy. It is better to pour 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar into each of them and fill it with cold water, then put it in a cold oven and heat it to a temperature of 150-170 degrees. Hold the pots there for half an hour. Let them cool slowly, and only after that they can be washed with household soap or drinking soda.

Pottery is very fragile and is afraid of sudden temperature changes. Therefore, pots of food are always put only in a cold oven and heat up in moderate heat. For the same reason, when they are taken out of the oven, they should not be placed on a cold surface - take care of the wooden stand.

PS: You can write your opinion on how to use clay pots in the comments to this article.

What do you think, what did people do when there were no computers, televisions, factories and factories, and in general, when there was no electricity. Maybe they sat on the bench and did nothing? But doing nothing is simply not interesting. They invented various necessary things for the house and thought how to make them with their own hands. There was always the question of what to cook. And figured out how to make a clay pot, Krynka, jugs different sizes and later flowerpots for flowers. The video will vividly show the process of clay modeling by children in a creative workshop.

When there was no electricity, people were engaged in various crafts: carved on wood, worked in forges, and blacksmiths forged from metal different subjects women wove threads and fabrics, embroidered, people were engaged in pottery and created beautiful earthenware jars, where they made wonderful healthy and natural food from high-quality products.

Now a lot of different circles of creativity exist in our time. And increasingly there is a desire to try to plunge into the world of crafts. Pottery, clay modeling dishes also attract people. Moreover, it is very good to cook in ceramic dishes.

It should be noted that such a property of pottery, pots, jugs and rats as the ability to preserve odors. For this reason, it is desirable to have for each type of product a separate pot or jug: for meat dishes, dairy, cereals and potatoes. Whatever smells are not transmitted.

Modern processing technology clay pots allows you to cook in a modern oven. For this, it is certainly better to use ready-made clay pots and other ceramic dishes such as, for example, this Glazed ceramic pots with a lid are very convenient and can be cooked in everything you want from roast to borscht.

There are also clay pots for storing vegetables. They do not cook, but they keep fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and even mushrooms. Ware from ceramics easily washes and fits perfectly into the stylized interior.

How to make a clay pot

It is best to go to the pottery workshop, because there is everything you need. The material is clay. The potter's wheel spins up and having previously wetted hands in water, it is the arms that form the object. Hands with this must be wet. Then, the resulting clay pot is dried. Then they wipe it thoroughly with a rag - this is called “clipping” and is sent to a special kiln. After the pot is ready, it is covered with a special glaze. When creating pottery, it is very important to maintain the right temperature, which is different for different types clay products.

Now hardly anyone does the dishes at home, but for child creativity clay modeling is very useful. Ware and interior items such as vases, flowerpots for flowers, pots for storage and cooking are made in special workshops.

Let's watch a video about how ceramic dishes were created in the old days, how it was molded and what it was made of. Children's clay art can be very exciting. Clay, water and potter's wheel in the workshop and mass positive emotions u kids!

Currently, growers increasingly prefer plastic pots. However, traditional earthenware do not give up their positions, remaining one of the most popular vases. For many years they were considered the best option for growing plants, and all because they are perfectly breathable, water and numerous useful material .

At the same time, the probability of a water glut is negligible. Today, manufacturers offer a huge amount interesting options flower pots made of clay, with many advantages.

The advantages of clay pots for flowers

Vases of clay used for growing flowers is not the first millennium. Among the main advantages are:

  • Naturalness and environmental friendliness. The material has an interesting, natural porous structure, which absolutely does not prevent the evaporation of moisture and contributes to the saturation of the root system with oxygen. Often, some manufacturers sin, giving the usual plaster tanks for clay. It is very easy to distinguish them - the plaster produces a deaf sound.
  • A wide variety of shapes and shades (white, black, brown, pink and many other options). Today, mostly terrakasta or ceramoplastics flowerpots are found, which include not only clay, but also plastic. This combination makes ready product more durable, aesthetic and original.

Where to buy cheap in Moscow?

The MyRosa store in Moscow is an incredible assortment of pots and accessories for growing plants at home, in the greenhouse or in the garden at low prices. In our online store you can buy the best pot, which will become a real luxury of your interior.

Professional store service will not leave anyone indifferent. Qualified advice by phone, prompt delivery around the city on the day of order, and much more ensures high-class shopping.

Under pottery pots refers to ordinary ceramics, having a porous structure, which is made of clay marl and clay. Later, they are partially or completely covered with a transparent lead-based glaze. More recently, such utensils were used everywhere in home (and not only) floriculture, and the masters of earthen work were valued very highly.

How does the process of making a clay pot? Before starting work next to the potter's wheel a container is installed with clear water for wetting her hands in the process of creativity. From a mixture of dry clay and water, a viscous, but in no way non-liquid, composition is prepared; moreover, the work is done exclusively with hands so that foreign objects that are not needed there can be reached in time.

From a mixture of dry clay and water, a viscous, but in no way non-liquid, composition is prepared; moreover, the work is done exclusively with hands so that foreign objects that are not needed there can be reached in time

When all materials are ready, a sufficient lump of clay is taken from the total mass and must be carefully kneaded to remove excess air. Then he splashes with good force on the potter's wheel, which has not yet been launched. Next comes the creative process of making pottery of the simplest or most bizarre form.

Next comes the creative process of making pottery of the simplest or most bizarre form

The finished product is given time to dry and burned in a special furnace - furnace, which is installed exclusively in the ground. Pots can be stacked in it in several rows or in one. The firing process itself is often delayed for several days and at the same time up to 35% of moisture is removed from the dish. Of course, now the process is greatly simplified due to the use of electric furnaces and temperature chambers, where it burns for only 3-4 hours and does not come into contact with a direct flame, which makes it possible to create glazed products.

Well, here's a potter's pot and ready. What features does it have in comparison with other ceramic products? Let's look at this issue in more detail.

Planting products made of baked clay can not be overestimated, because their main advantage is the material porosity. Through the microscopic openings to the roots of plants always comes from outside the air they need for breathing. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to paint with oil paint or wrap, for example, with foil pottery vessels in which plants are planted. But porosity is also a simultaneous minus - the excess moisture, of course, evaporates well through them, but this can later lead to overcooling of the earth.

Clay pots are the hardest among products made from other materials, which minimizes the danger of tipping over, although the danger of breaking them when accidentally falling is higher.

Another advantage of such a pot is the leaching of harmful salts from the soil inside it. But you need to monitor the appearance of mold on its walls, as well as lime scale and timely remove tumors.

Any product has both advantages and disadvantages, regardless of whether it is pottery or ordinary ceramics, so the choice of a suitable flower pot is always yours.

For flowers, it is an essential element not only for any grower, but also for an ordinary housewife who is striving to make her home cozy and beautiful. At first glance, choosing one or another version of a pot made of clay seems like a very simple thing, but in fact, there are some peculiarities here.

Clay pot prefers most gardeners. It has a number of undoubted advantages. First, such dishes for flowers perfectly pass not only water, but also useful substances and oxygen. In addition, porous walls are able to evaporate excess moisture, thereby saving the plants. If the clay pot is placed directly in the peat soil, the flower can not only be wetted, but also receive a certain proportion of the substances necessary for its development and growth. This method is especially good if the plant owner needs to leave for a long period of time.

However, a clay pot, along with its advantages, has disadvantages. These include the possibility of rapid loss of moisture near a heater, battery or any other source of heat. Sharp leads to the cooling of the earth, which can be disastrous for some representatives of the flora. Ceramic pots often appear lime. Sometimes clay pot "decorate" single-celled algae. In order to get rid of the above problems, it is enough to wipe the surface of the dish with potato peels, then rinse thoroughly. Before using a new pot, it is necessary to wet it beforehand. If for planting flowers not new dishes are used, it is advisable to pre-rinse them.

To make a pot at home, you will need a knife, baking paper, a stick and a pattern of the necessary utensils. It is better to use polymer clay, because it does not require additional drying.
To make a pot at home, you will need a knife, baking paper, a stick and a pattern of the necessary utensils

Stage 1. Roll the clay into a plate whose thickness should be approximately equal to 1 centimeter.

Stage 2. Cut the parts of the pot according to the previously prepared stencil.

Step 3. Connect the edges of the dishes with a smoothing stick, cover up the gaps.

Step 4. Let the product dry (if used or send it to the oven (usually there is an instruction on the clay packaging).

Step 5. Check the pot for integrity. If everything is in order, start planting. Step 5

You can decorate beautifully to make an ornament or paint it with a pre-prepared stencil. It is better to choose shades that will be in harmony with the flower itself. Since the clay perfectly absorbs water, it is necessary to apply the drawing several times.

So, to decorate an ordinary clay pot, it is necessary to prepare a ruler, chalk, paints (it is better to use acrylic), paper tape, stencils.

Step 1. Measure the perimeter of the edges of the dishes and divide all the walls into several equal parts.

Step 2. Stick the paper tape so that the empty surface represents a special pattern. Apply paint, and in several layers. After drying the tape is removed.

Step 3. Using the stencil, a few more images are added to the clay pot.

If you have certain skills and talent, you can easily do without templates.

What, in the first place, you need to pay attention when buying large or small pots of clay, intended for culinary affairs, and not for indoor flowers?
What follows from this?
Do you want the newly purchased pots to serve you as long as possible?
Maybe they sat on the bench and did nothing?
Where to buy cheap in Moscow?
How does the process of making a clay pot?
What features does it have in comparison with other ceramic products?

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